Cabinetry drawers in a new contemporary white kitchen renovation

Gold Coast kitchens: design trends for 2017

WHAT ARE THE LATEST TRENDS IN KITCHEN DESIGN FOR 2017 AND ARE THEY ‘RIGHT’ FOR THE GOLD COAST? The good news for home renovators on the Gold Coast this year is that the kitchen design outlook for 2017 perfectly compliments the more relaxed lifestyle of Australia’s favourite beachside city. Corey Mulholland, kitchen designer and project manager with KISK Kitchens Gold Coast, outlines the design keynotes for contemporary renovators.


Integrating appliances


Modern kitchen with induction hob

Small appliances should be hidden in kitchen cabinetry or the butler’s pantry, leaving the kitchen benches looking sleek and uncluttered.

“Gone are the days of having small appliances like kettles, toasters, juicers, and blenders taking up valuable bench space,” Corey said. “Not everyone has the floor space or budget for a butler’s pantry. Small kitchens can have small appliances hidden away in the cabinetry yet still easily accessible.”


“Microwaves can be incorporated into a double oven setup, where budget allows, or accommodated in cabinetry at a higher or lower level. When coffee-lovers are renovating a kitchen we can incorporate the coffee machine and preparation area into the kitchen design. Stainless steel refrigerators and dishwashers are still probably the most popular but traditional white models can look more sleekly integrated when kitchen cabinets are white.” 


White is the new white


“I’ve always recommended white kitchens for Gold Coast kitchen renovations. While we’ve seen timber-faced cabinets and strong accent colours making news in recent years, white always holds its own. It’s in fashion for 2017, with accent colours defined by accessories that are easy to change,” Corey said.


Introducing plants and flowers


Black kitchen sink

The simplest way to update your kitchen for 2017 is by adding a few plants.

“Something that’s very easy to achieve when adding personality to your new kitchen is introducing natural freshness and greenery with potted plants, flowers in vases or bowls, perhaps a mini herb garden near a north-facing kitchen window for people with time to maintain one, a small floor-standing palm tree or flowering tropical shrub if there’s enough room. In 2017 it’s actually a global trend to feature some living greenery in the kitchen, and it’s an idea that translates very well into the beachside culture of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.”


The return of open shelving


New kitchens Gold Coast

Open shelving is a key kitchen design trend for 2017.

“While appliances are being integrated and concealed, the trend is to incorporate some open shelving into the new kitchen design. It could be an open shelf tucked under the kitchen island like we’ve seen featured last year on The Block, or a section of high cabinets dedicated to open shelving,” said Corey.


“The shelving can be used for practical purposes, such as storing a collection of cookbooks or varieties of pasta in big jars, or purely decorative with carefully chosen artisan pieces and small potted plants. Open shelving invites you to add personality to your kitchen so that it’s a nurturing and welcoming place to enjoy, not just a purely functional or clinical design statement.”