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The kitchen is the heart of the modern home. Now, more than ever, the kitchen is the hub of family activity and a focal point for casual living. TV shows like “The Block” highlight kitchens for greater lifestyle enjoyment and property value.

Kitchen light grey islandWhen your kitchen needs an update, making the right choices can add value and greatly enhance the quality of life within the home.


The appeal of a beautiful new kitchen cannot be underestimated, and kitchen renovation is one of the top recommendations for people wanting to resell a pre-loved home in a competitive market.


It’s a significant investment and one which should always represent value-for-money. That’s why it’s important to shop around and get the best professional advice.


Your new kitchen project will probably fall into one of these three basic categories:

Kitchen Refit

A kitchen refit is when you keep the same basic layout as your existing kitchen but replace the cabinetry, benchtops, appliances, and finishes.


This is the most economical kind of kitchen renovations to undertake because the existing plumbing and wiring will remain exactly where it is, or with just minor changes such as the addition of a dishwasher, a range hood, or a few extra power points.

Kitchen Replan

Kitchen replanning is what you do when you’re using the same room or space for your new kitchen, but replanning the layout of cabinetry and appliances to make the kitchen more functional.


Layout changes can still be achieved on a tight budget by keeping sinks and appliances as close as possible to their original locations.


Bear in mind that installing a few extra power points or rerouting the stove wiring might not be too costly in relative terms, but changing the location of a sink from one side of your kitchen to the other could add greatly to project costs, particularly in apartments.

Kitchen Rebuild

New homes can present a ‘blank canvas’ for kitchen designs.


Older-style homes are often being extended towards the rear to create a more contemporary, open-plan living area which flows seamlessly through to outdoor entertaining. The opportunities created by such major changes will often mean that the new kitchen can be positioned in an entirely new location within the home, and the new layout designed from scratch to suit the new location to perfection.


In either of these situations, when all-new plumbing and wiring is going to be done, you have the greatest freedom to decide where to place sinks and appliances for greatest functionality and visual appeal.

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