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Choosing cabinet facings and hardware

Kitchen door and drawer facings

Once the configuration of your new kitchen cabinetry is decided, you can consider all of the various options available for your door and drawer facings. Along with benchtops and splashback, your choices for door and drawer facings will determine the style and colour accents of your new kitchen.

Natural timber and timber-look

Kitchen wenge glossKitchen cabinet door and drawer facings made of natural wood or modern wood-like materials are traditional and can provide a lovely warm feeling to the kitchen. Solid timber door and drawer facings are expensive, however, prone to bruising from impact, and will need to be refinished with sealant or oil at regular intervals.


If you like the look of natural timber, explore the latest options in durable, cost-effective melamine with wood-like finishes which mimic solid wood, or fashionable expressions of wood-grain such as wenge with the grain running horizontally – a stunning look.

Painted timber and timber-look

Kitchen with freestanding commercial-style stoveFor heritage, vintage, and cottage-style kitchens, the classic look of painted timber can deliver the perfect design accent and atmosphere.


Painting solid wood is a bit of a waste, however, and painted facings tend to deteriorate over time when exposed to rugged use in the kitchen. There are modern melamine finishes which give the same look and feel as painted timber but are much more durable.

High-gloss polyurethane

High-gloss polyurethane kitchen cabinetsStill one of the most popular choices for cabinet door and drawer facings in the kitchen is high-gloss polyurethane. A two-pack finish that is similar in toughness to car duco, high-gloss polyurethane is extremely durable and easy to clean. Also, its reflective nature brings extra light to any kitchen.


If you’re looking for an extremely attractive, hard-wearing and cost-effective material for your kitchen door and drawer facings, look no further than modern melamine. Melamine is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and non-porous, so it will stand up to all kinds of punishment and can look as good as new again after a quick wipe-down.


Melamine is available in a wide variety of colours to mix and match with benchtops and splashbacks, and can look just like natural or painted timber with none of the cost and maintenance issues associated with real wood.

Kitchen door and drawer handles

Choose handles to compliment your door and draw facings and the overall style of your new kitchen. You can also go without external handles altogether and achieve a super-sleek look by using touch-to-open door fittings and drawers with integrated handles. Soft-close doors and drawers are not too costly and definitely add a more high-quality feel to your kitchen (not to mention more peace!).

Kitchen door and drawer hardware

watch-us-4The hardware used for your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers is all-important for a long-lasting, high-quality result.


At KISK, we use only the finest-quality Blum hinges, drawer sliders, soft-close fittings, and other cabinetry hardware.
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With KISK using Blum, you can be assured of precision fittings and mechanisms, and many years of reliable service from your kitchen doors and drawers.