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Kitchen appliances

Major kitchen appliances are integrated with your new kitchen design, and so the decisions on kitchen appliances are made during the planning process.


Integrated stainless steel refrigeratorIf your refrigerator will be positioned within an alcove in your new kitchen design, consider future needs because the size of the alcove will dictate the maximum size of your fridge for years to come. You can also integrate a dedicated drinks fridge, or bar fridge with glass doors and interior lighting. They can look great and the independent temperature control will keep any wine-buffs happy. Perhaps you will need more refrigeration capacity than your new kitchen design will allow. If this is so, consider locating an additional fridge in your laundry, garage, or outdoor barbeque area.

Economy-style freestanding stoves

Updating a kitchen on a very tight budget could mean having a conventional freestanding stove as the most economical option. Modern designs can look quite attractive and even a low-cost model with basic features can perform very well – gas or electric. Consider choosing a stainless steel model over the more traditional white, for a more modern and deluxe look, and add a compact range hood. Freestanding stoves are more difficult to keep clean in the long term because grease and debris can more easily accumulate at the rear, down the sides, and underneath the freestanding stove.

Deluxe commercial-style freestanding stoves

Integrated commercial-style cooktopLarger-scale freestanding stoves have become highly desirable in the world of modern kitchen design, perhaps due to the influence of reality TV shows where domestic cooks are cooking at home on a commercial scale. Commercial-style stoves are costly, and also extra- wide, so it would not be practical to try and squeeze one into a tiny kitchen at cost of needed bench space. Also, the greater number of burners or hotplates can create more heat and steam than a conventional cooktop so you would need to install an extra-wide, high-powered exhaust system to match your extra-large stove.

Integrated wall ovens

The ovens in freestanding stoves require the cooks to bend or kneel, whereas wall ovens provide convenient placement for baking without bending, and the ability to monitor baking more easily at eye level. If your new kitchen will be large enough, you could enjoy two wall ovens stacked one on top of the other within a full-height cabinet, or a wall oven and steam oven combination, or a twin wall oven with matching microwave. If you can plan for your oven to be above ground level it’s a good idea! Bear in mind that if you are replacing a conventional freestanding stove with a wall oven and cooktop combination, you may need to install additional wiring for the two independent loads.

Integrated microwave ovens

Microwaves have become standard in today’s equipped kitchen yet many kitchen designs still don’t allow for them, leaving microwaves to take up valuable bench space. Integrate microwaves into the kitchen cabinetry wherever possible with safe placement (not too high), and allow for ventilation.

Integrated rangehoods

Kitchen with cylindrical canopy rangehoodKitchen exhaust fans or rangehoods can be integrated with overhead cabinetry with any external ventilation ducting concealed within the cabinet. The exhaust unit will incorporate task lighting for the cooktop area. Rangehoods integrated with cabinetry are either fixed, or slide-out. For larger commercial-type stoves, and cooktops mounted on islands or peninsulas with no cupboards above, a canopy rangehood would be used. Canopy rangehoods can be compact and understated, or large and bold to feature in the kitchen as a design statement.

Integrated cooktops

Gas cooktops are very popular but not all homes have the gas connected. Some people find that integrated electric cooktops are easier to clean, and prefer them even when the gas is available. If you would prefer a gas cooktop but there is no gas connection, you could use bottled gas instead but check manufacturer’s specifications for compatibility with the type of gas supply you’ll be using.

Integrated dishwashers

Integrated DishwasherThere are a great number of good dishwashers on the Australian market, from basic varieties costing just a few hundred dollars to luxury models costing thousands. Go for the brand with a reliable reputation as the top priority, even if you can only afford one of their more basic models. Quiet operation might be extremely important to you if the dishwasher might be audible from the living area or bedrooms at night. The interior dimensions of dishwashers and internal baskets can vary widely, so make sure that the models you’re reviewing will accommodate the size of dinner plates and dishes that are typically used in your household. Single or twin dishwasher drawers are a great solution for compact kitchens and smaller or single-person households as they can save space, water, and energy compared to a larger dishwasher repeatedly doing smaller loads.