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Kitchen sinks and tapware

The kitchen sink is one of the most often used items in the kitchen so it’s very important to think about how your sink is going to be used and how much drainage area you’re going to need. You can also decide whether to mount your kitchen sink on top of the benchtop, or underneath the benchtop for a much sleeker look. Sinks are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and with drainage areas to the right, left, or either side, or no drainage area.

Single versus multi-bowl kitchen sinks

Twin kitchen sinksWhere space is at a premium and your new kitchen is going to have a dishwasher, a single-bowl sink might be all you need. Don’t skimp too much on sink size, however, because even with a dishwasher you might occasionally need to wash larger items in the sink. Go for a deeper sink if space won’t allow a wider one.


If you’ve got room for a double-bowl sink, you should have one, even if you’ve got a dishwasher. It’s great to be able to wash or drain vegetables on one side of the sink while the other side remains available for use.


A double-bowl sink is certainly recommended in every case where there is no dishwasher, as this allows the dishes to be washed in one bowl and rinsed in the other – the best manual process for kitchen hygiene, especially in households where the wiping-up of dishes isn’t done straight away.

Culino RangeKitchen taps versus mixers

Unless you’re trying to achieve an authentically traditional look in your new kitchen, mixers are much more practical than taps and easier to clean as well. Choose from a wide range of styles for tap sets and combination mixers and spouts. Always go for the best quality tapware you can afford.


All designer kitchen tapware from KISK kitchens comes with a lifetime extended guarantee.